Why are some guys so shy even if they're approached?

If a girl approaches them that clearly means she's interested in something about him or attracted to him, so why do some guys not realize this and stop being so shy?

I'm in this same boat, I'll approach a guy I'm attracted too and try my hardest to be kind, nice, etc but then they'll still just stand there like... -> photo2.ask.fm/.../file.jpg

I can understand if a guy is shy to approach a pretty girl, but why are they still shy if a pretty girl goes to them and is clearly being nice and kind where it's kind of indicated she likes him or at least wants to get to know him?


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  • I don't think that's how 'shyness' works.

    • Maybe, but what would you call it if you approach someone and they don't say anything at all to you?

    • Nerves? I don't know depends on the guy. Some guys overthink and freak out. Some guys are nervous that their going to say soeething wrobg. Some guys don't really like to be approached and some don't like to be put on the spot. Some are just uninterested...

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