Why does he insist on seeing me when he has a gf?

There is a guy that I've known for 10 years. We tried dating once, but it was a very LDR and the distance made it impossible. We have always stayed in contact tho. Over the past year, he seems rather uninterested in talking to me. I've asked him if he's seeing anyone and he always said no. I then to him I am going to be on a work assignment in his city for an entire year. He seemed uninterested so Si decided to not contact him anymore. In the mean time, I saw his sister and she told me he's betn living with his gf and how they are serious. I was upset and called him out on it. He called back and said that they are not sleeping together yet she stays over a lot, and things have been dry for a long time bw them, how I'm the woman of his dreams, how he loves me and thinks about me all the time, and how I should not hold it against him that he found someone else. He said he would like to meet me out for dinner to talk. I told him no, not while u have a gf. He said he wants to see if there is any chemistry bw us and he will then make a decision. He said we may meet and bicker the whole time, or, we may just fall for eachother and he will then break up with her. I told him it's not supposed to be this way, that one of us will get heartbroken and it seems like too much drama, esp since they live together. He said "well she just stays here sometimes bc Her roomate situation is not good". Uggh. What should I do?


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  • make him break up with her first if that's real. don't be a homewreaker.


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