Why do I always fall for my guy friends and how do I handle this situation?

Ever since I was like 13, I've always developed crushes on guys that were just friends. I told my first crush and he told me he liked me back, but he wanted a girl that would have sex with him. I'm now in college and my ex's acquaintance (they're not really friends) is now really close with me and I'm starting to like him. I actually kinda liked him when I was dating my ex just because he's cuter and sweeter. He's also the type of guy that likes to flirt a lot with girls. He's tickled me, sat on me, laid on me, pulled me on top of him, hugged me tight, slapped my butt playfully, etc. That's just his personality though so I keep telling myself that he doesn't like me in that way in order for me not to get hurt. We just started a conversation about relationships. He said that he's afraid to try and get a girl because he's afraid that once they learn about his past, they won't stay. I told him that if a girl truly loved him, they wouldn't care about his past. (I also don't know about his past because he doesn't want to tell me either) He said problem is, she has to truly love me. I said you will find her. And then he said you will find him. It's literally taking all I have not to tell him that I like him. I just would hate for him not to feel the same way and then it be awkward between us. So how do I cope with always falling for my guy friends and how do I go about this situation?


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  • u r demisexual


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