What is a girl supposed to do when he's not talking to her?

My bf isn't really talking to me for no reason but I think its cause he's really stressed w work and life and were long distance so its not like I can go and see him. I can call him and see if he's doing fine but I don't wanna be the one to bother and it would be nice if he called or texted me. But basically I am giving him his "space" but I don't want him to think I don't wanna talk to him but he should know better that I do want to. It sucks cause I wanna talk to him especially things have been going great but again I don't wanna bother him. What should I do? I do have distractions but sometimes when I don't wanna go do something and wonder about him.


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  • When I was in an LDR, I would message him at our usual times, or when I thought of him and wanted to touch bases. Never had any issues with "Bothering" him - sometimes the lack of response was due to being on a trip with his immediate family. Sometimes bad moods. But never, ever did he say, "You're too clingy."

    So message him! Ask him if everything is going okay, and mention you're a bit worried because you haven't heard from him for a while. If he's just gotten sucked into work or the like, he'll be flattered to know you're concerned and miss talking with him. And if there is a problem - well, you'll find out. You won't know until he says something to you.

    • I would message him and ask him is everything okay? But I have before and I know hell think like I'm worrying too much over nothing which will come off as clingy to him. Like hell think I should "calm down." I did call him last night and was gonna ask him if everything's fine but he didn't pick up and he hasn't called me back.

      I do want to message him just like message him about anything. We snapchat a lot so i want to snapchat him of anything regular so he knows im not like "not talking to him" and hopefulky he responds or call him again and ask what's he up to and if everything is ok but I don't wanna get rejected again.

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    • Thanks for your advice!
      I know way better than a while back. I would go crazy figuring why he's not talking to me. But this time, I think it just sucked cause I haven't dealt w this in a while especially he's been putting more effort. But eventually we talked on the phone and for like 3 hrs lol I kept saying "wth is going on?" And he'd be like "what are u talking about?" I don't know if he was acting clueless or he was really clueless bout the whole thing. That's another thing I've learned about him is that he's your avg guy whos not a mind reader so once I figured I wasn't going anywhere w this, we just started talking like the usual.

    • I also think he was acting clueless so he can avoid drama. Again, like your avg guy, hr doesn't like to deal w drama which is a good thing so he tries to avoid it as much as possible.

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