Guys I'm trying to figure out what to do when I ask this out , and he wants to know exactly what I want. he won't answer without an explanation?

I can't ask people out if I think about it in advance. I just get to know a guy as a friend and when I feel it I just ask. I just just do it without thinking. I can't stand there and analyze it. I just ask and hope for an answer. Am I supposed to be prepared to explain anything... Can't you just ask and get an answer?

Seems really odd and intense to be asking me why I'm asking. Is that even something people do? What his deal And how can I answer if I have no answer?

Thanks for answering.

Since I can't just give him an answer bc I was mostly asking him out to make up for not being able to go out with him when he asked me. then if he said yes, I would just see how things go one day at a time. If he said no I'd move on.

Would it be " fair" to ask him what he wanted when he asked me out. It might help huge me some perspective and a way to think of how to answer him. It's frustrating that he thinks it's ok to not tell me what he wants but expects me to


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  • The reason for him asking for an explanation is because I'm sure he doesn't want to get into something that may only end up for a small length of time or maybe a long. He's asking you because he wants to fully know where you stand. I am not one to change statuses of my homegirls into lovers it NEVER works, I'm not speaking from experience but have watched as my friends have made that mistake countless times when I was younger. so if you two had started as friends he would like to know just how much you are into him so he can gather the facts and either let you know that he feels the same or that he doesn't. By making this change he has to take into consideration who else he and you are friends w/ and if shit goes bad what friends will he lose or the ones he is not willing to lose so he may just tell you that he doesn;t feel the same as you are.


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  • He wants to figure out wether or not you are to his liking when it comes to a relationship and how serious you are so you might want to answer it I mean it seems fair.


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