Will guys hold gaze with a random girl without actually mean anything?

Okay, so yesterday I was in a class, and there's this guy, he's really funny and active in our class. I was finding something in my bag and when I look up, this guy was standing right in front of my desk and once my eyes met his, he said hi and he keeps looking at me right in the eyes and won't stop smiling for like a solid five seconds! I was like wth is going on? For some reason I don't know why, I didn't break this really awkward moment, I just said hi back and smile back at him, but I think I kind of blushed when he hold the eye gaze thing for that long.. We only got distracted Becoz there's a girl coming to sit at the desk in front of me, and that guy acts really gentleman which made me laugh, he help the girl to pull out the chair and he looks back at me smiling and then he went back to his seat. I have been noticing that this guy keeps looking at my direction during class, at first I didn't think that he's looking at me or someone else, but after this.. I started to wonder if he's really looking at me for these past 2 weeks (since this semester started) Can you guys give me some opinion? How do you guys think about this? Do you guys think that he wants me to know that he's interested in me or I'm just thinking too much? Please comment below if you read this, please I will highly appreciate it! THANKS!!!<3


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  • Yes. At least to your tagline. I'm not reading whatever drivel you wrote beneath.

    • --" So why are you commenting if you didn't finish reading the story then, whatever~

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  • I think he's trying to subtly tell you he likes you. And when he helped the other girl with her chair and then smiled at you --> giveaway :D


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