Do girl-boy friendships ever work?

SORRY IT'S SO LONG!!! I've been friends with this guy for maybe 6 months now, but I've known him for several years. Anyways, I have zero interest in him (I'm totally obsessed with this other guy).

Because we're pretty good friends, we talk everyday. He knows who I like, and I've known who he has liked. Recently he got over his crush on a girl, and I was pretty sure he didn't like anyone.

Tonight I got a text from him asking "What does it mean if you can't get someone off your mind?" He also mentioned the person was female, so I told him the obvious: he probably likes her.

He's one of those guys who acts really tough on the exterior, but on the interior he has "real emotions" and stuff, so he was trying to blow it off, saying that he needs to focus on sports and not girls.

I asked him if I knew this new girl, and he told me she isn't new. So then I went through his old crushes (that I knew of) and he said he doesn't like any of them again. He kept saying he was mental for liking this girl, that he always ends up liking those who would never like him.

I have this sneaking suspicion that he likes me, but I don't want to say anything. I have zero interest in him, I just like being friends. And he won't tell me who he likes. So what should I do?


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  • You shouldn't pressure him into saying who it is, it seems like he knows how this girl feels towards him.

    He might feel like he needs to say something but also feels that if he told you he would feel embarrassed or stupid because he knows this girl (whether its you or someone else) doesn't like him the same way.

    I know from experience that its hard for a guy to tell anyone about these type of things, even a best friend, but if he wishes for you to know than he will tell you when he is ready.

    • I'm not a person to force someone to tell me things, so I backed off as soon as I realized that he wasn't going to tell me. Thank you!

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  • I think girls and guys can be friends. I've always had guy friends and girl friends and most of the time they are exactly the same with being there for me.
    But saying that I wouldn't go jumping to conclusions, and out right ask your guy friend if he likes you because that might ruin the friendship. Definitely stick to not asking if it's you, be sly and point around.


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  • Tbh he probably likes you. 99% sure. Girls instincts are usually never wrong. And through the years I've learned no. guys and girls can't be friends. they CAN be, for a limited period of time. and then someone alwayssss catches feelings.

  • Yes they do and just say is it me you like and if he does you can choose from there the path you want to take.

  • they can, but only if both of them have partners. otherwise if you're close someone will always get feeling

    • Not necessarily, I am a guy and a majority of my closest friends are single and female, i admit i had feelings for one of the newer girls but after a while i stopped thinking of her in that way and we stayed close friends but with the rest of them i always just thought of ourselves as a second family, and i know for a fact that none of them felt anything towards me.

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