I need advice on how to talk to guys?

I'm a shy and awkward girl, and I really like this guy. I want to be good friends with him, but I don't know how to talk to him!! How do I talk to him without being so awkward? By the way during Valentine's day and Christmas, I had given him a gift. He liked it except he was acting really strange when I gave him his Valentine's day gift. And every time I talk to him, he acts all awkward towards me but doesn't act that way toward anybody else. By the way he's a senior and I'm a freshman Does he think I'm creepy or something? Am I nothing to him? The 2 things that I hate the most is being rejected and being alone... some I'm freaking about the smallest stuff. Some of you may think I'm doing this because I'm just a stupid teen, but I'm the type to think seriously about my future and what I want. I'm worried! :(


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  • He might be wonder because you gave him gift on Valentine's day. You should go and ask him out. You sound like he is your friend. Good Luck


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