Guys- what does it mean when you say a girl makes you feel perverted?

My guy friend and I were talking at an event. I had on a dress that I feel is relatively modest. It was pretty form fitting but it covered my chest and behind and I also wore a vest with it. I accidentally dropped my cellphone while we were conversing and bent to pick it up and he told me to stop doing that. When I asked what he was talking about, he said I made him feel perverted-- what did he mean by that? He was staring at me in a very weird way so I didn't feel like asking him to expand on what he meant. Later when I was at home and bent to pick something up my sister informed me that a lot of my chest showed when I did that... so is that what he was referring to and why did he say it in such an awkward way? Is he basically telling me he was checking me out but it wasn't something he wanted to do- and wouldn't have done if I didn't bend over?


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  • To me it seems like he was checking you out when you bent over to pick up your phone like you said and he just feels ashamed that that was the reason he was checking you out.

    Its happened to me where a girl i know is all dressed up and does something that causes me to check her out (just a natural reflex i guess) and i automaticly feel bad because i care for her and i know her too well (she was like family to me) for me to be thinking of her in that way.

  • this sort of happened to me my buddys wife was wearing yoga pants and had cameltoe going on like crazy. this was my buddy wife and very pretty and i felt like a pervert when i notice. i could even tell her i told my buddy instead.

    Your friend said not to bend over in an awkward way. so he would announce it to everyone in the room when you bend over, your chest is there for everyone to see. he way try to help you with out being rude or vulgar. he might have been checking you out, just not on purpose.


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