Why do outgoing boys hate anti-social girls?

I noticed that guys who are very out-going, as in, they love mixing with others and putting themselves out there, (the ones who are not the best-looking), they seem to seriously dislike other people who are not like that.

What is this about? Is it because they have to really work hard to mix with others because of their looks, they don't understand why others don't really care about people around them?


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  • It seems that a lot of outgoing people don't like shyer more introverted people, including men. I have also noticed this with women, they often think I'm weird because I don't want to go out and socialize every single night of the week. Ugh what happened to just staying home and chilling?


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  • It's more of an issue of compatibility. They probably want someone to keep up with their social lifestyle. Also an antisocial person probably wouldn't like being dragged to parties which would create tension in a relationship.

    • That's fair.

      But why be mean to an anti-social person? I mean it's one thing to be polite, yet avoid, but it's another to completely ignore them and even be mean to them

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    • Yeah guys are pretty immature. They also feel the need to show their manliness by putting others down because really I find the outgoing guys insecure. Unfortunately the people who stay to themselves are the easiest targets. You might need to ignore them or tell them to screw off.

      I was picked on by a lot of people in HS because I was a loner. A lot of the "Alpha male" types used to pick on me too.

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  • I think its because they see someone who is anti-social as having something wrong with them to not be outgoing. Just a guess, I'm kinda antisocial, so it might not be right


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  • They don't. Maybe the guys where you live, but in Seattle pretty much all of the guys are really laid-back and chill.
    Obviously they are arses.

    • I notice these boys, despite their looks, are very outgoing BUT hungry for attention.

      Maybe they think that associating with someone anti-social won't give them any

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