What's up with him? Is he feeling the same way?

Im usually affectionate towards this friend of mine, i tell him that i love him or i miss him or just send him things like pictures of encouraging words. I left a post on his Facebook wall that i love him and since then he's uploaded plenty of things and either hid them or deleted, but he doesn't take my post down or delete it. Maybe could he have feelings too? Can he feel the same way? I do have feelings for him!


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  • I don't know if that would be considered a sign since saying that you love him is a normal thing between you two... I would just ask him directly.

    • The next time I see him i'll hopefully have the courage to

    • Well then, I wish you luck! :) It's better than being stuck in the unknown... in my opinion at least... but please do it when you're comfortable and ready :)

    • Thanks!

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