Was he just being a gentleman?

So I was walking his way
And his legs were in my way
So he moved them out of the way
As I was leaving we met in the hallway
So I was leaving and we met in the lobby
He was blocking my enterance
We paused for a while (stareing)
Then he got out of my way
Then I left
Also there was once when I guess he felt lonely and he tried to get my attention by stareing at me. Was he just being a gentleman?


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  • I don't see anything "gentleman-esque" in his attitude basically


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  • The We paused for a while (stareing) sort of sticks out. Sounds like some sort of attraction thing going on there to me.

    • Was he just being a gentle man about the other things?

    • It really depends on how he reacted. Did he like make a extra effort to get out of your way or was it like ahhh I'm move. I can tell you by experience when I see a girl that's attractive I'll go way out of the way to let her around and the reason for that is I'm trying not to let her see me checking her out.

  • yes it seems


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