Why did he change so much?

We had a mutual break up to say yet we've been very much in touch, don't know if it's because none of us can let go. He was my first love and I still like him but he's psycho now? I don't recognise him anymore, he talks about himself and hot girls constantly. He talks about killing, shooting and money and has these unrealistic future goals. He's also very back and forth with me, I was told he seems to be manipulating me which is very sad. Last time I saw him he said that if you're serious you'll get hurt, he was referring to how he got hurt by me when he was serious and wanted to settle down. It's like he puts all the blame on me and I feel so guilty.


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  • He changed because you broke him. You said it yourself he wanted to settle down with you. and you broke up with him you broke his heart. and what doesn't make any sense is you still like him, well then if you still like why did you brake up with him? He probably hates in my opinion. you're basically playing with his feelings. you still talk to him you might not flirt with him but you're supposed to let go after you break up with someone yet you're still in touch with each other. its not right, you're suppose to let go. you cut it off. your suppose to let go first.

    • It was mutual. He was the one to start contacting me, I had no idea he would be this way since he never would open up when I gave him the chance to. I still like him because I never wanted us to break up and we being in touch made it harder to move on especially when he keeps going back and forth. I know I broke him but he's the one who started talking to me.

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