Why he still doesn't say "i love you"?

We've met for about 2 months ago in our previous operation job, then part from each other as we're living/working far away from each other. He confessed that he likes me last month, and he always call me before asleep at night. We're seldom texted in daylight as we're focusing in our work - i'm totally understand that as our work is not office based work but whenever one of us need to go somewhere, yeah we'll text all day long (as sometimes we need to go offshore, no phone line or internet to communicate). He already refer me as his gf, but he still not saying the words. Is it normal?

We're planning to meet each other for the first time as gf/bf next week, and I'm just too curious about this. Is it too risky to say it out loud to your gf for the first time? Help me please...


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  • Hello, sailorjupiter

    I don't know if it's normal, but people hold those words in different values. Some say it as a common courtesy in a relationship, some express it as meaning "having strong feels", some others see if a word to only be expressed when it is in fact an intense and profound emotion (typically created after much effort and time), and so forth.

    Personally, I cannot say "I love you" unless I am deeply captivated by that person. Which will tend to take some months if I haven't already deemed this person not to be compatible with me. Perhaps like myself, he must feel a strong connection with someone before laying himself out like that.

    It takes a lot of trust to show emotions to some, and it leaves them vulnerable to pain. He could have have experienced that prior, thus is taking things slowly emotionally as to not get hurt. There are factors that could or could not be it, but being a girlfriend or boyfriend does not necessarily mean you are completely and entirely in love with them, but just that you have been taken and that you are very interested in that person. Ultimately, it most likely with conjure love and affection, but you don't need to worry about it so early on in a relationship.

    You are getting to know him, and he you. Two months isn't enough to truly understand a person in-depth, so you'll learn more of him which can later answer this question of yours. Although those are fine words to hear, the words themselves have no meaning without action. Time will come when you won't need to hear them, because you can feel it without him having to open his mouth. This is the part where you just play "More Than Words" by the Extremes to get an idea.

    Hope that gives you some insight on things, and hopefully it also makes you feel better about the whole thing.

    P. S.: I assume you are a tall, brunette with a sort of tomboyish character, judging by your nickname?

    • Haha yup, i am! You knew sailorjupiter then haha. Thank you very much for your comment, it really helpful

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