Guys please help me?

He told me he normally want to have one night stands with women but when he look at me he can't see himself doing it to me just once. He already confessed he had feelings for me. Why would he tell me this?
He has called me twice and said it was by accident. But he wanted to talk. We normally don't talk until late at night. Was that a way for him to talk to me?


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  • He told you because he wants to be honest with you, his feelings are growing for you, and if you guys agreed on having a one night stand, he doesn't feel that way about you, simple as that. He's telling you so that you have an option to go along with it, or not.

    • We never had sex. He is my best friend. We see each other daily, we talk on the phone for hours almost each night. I'm not sure if I need to pull back some or stay the same with him.

    • Do you want to keep a friendship level with him? If so, yeah be honest and tell him, if you want to see where it goes, then you can just go with the flow.

    • Ya I love him as a friend. he's not boyfriend material. I'm going by the way he treated his ex girlfriends

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