Body language and actions during a date?

I went on a last minute date with this guy I have been talking to for a while. When we sat down, he immediately started fixing his shirt and his hair and said he needed to go to the gym because he gained a little weight and how he was a little slimmer and would show me pics later. I told him he looked fine to me, so he relaxed a bit.

Throughout the whole date, he was fidgeting; rubbing his arms, sometimes his face, and always in his hair. He was combing it and checking for strands and fixing his hat, looking around every now and then. He seemed like it was all nerves. Also, conversation wise, there were a lot of random questions and he would kind of cover up his smile with his hands.

The one thing though, he was texting his friend a lot, and he kept apologizing and started telling me how his friend works overnight and no ones up to text him but him and what they're talking about, which I didn't mind, but I was told when guys text, they're not really interested.

Near the end of the date, he said we should hang out again. He walked me to my car, we hugged and he said to text him.

What do you think?


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  • thats strange...
    Fidgeting too much indicates that he was Nervous to meet you. Maybe you are too damn Beautiful !!!

    But even if he was nervous , he should have talked to you rather than texting his friend.

    I think you should skip this guy. No matter how nervous a guy gets , he tries his Hardest to talk to the girl on a date. He could easily text his frnd that he's on a date and his friend would have understood.


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  • Hard to say.

    My guess is he was nervous and into you but is a textingn addict :p


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  • Forget him. Texting his friend while on a date with you is a no-go unless you can put up with that.

    • He cares more about keeping his friend company than impressing you.

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