Mixed signals? What does this mean?

There is this guy who i share a couple of classes with. I have known him for almost 3 years, but only became "close" friends this year. At times i feel like he really might be interested in me and at others i feel completely friend zoned. He has a girlfriend, but it seems like he kind of likes me. Im not sure if he's interested in anything or just a really good friend. He has told me im one of his "best friends thats a girl" and mentions that a lot...

What i would consider "weird" behavior for him started about a month ago. I was walking to class with a another friend that day. When i got into class the guy asked me who that "scrawny piece of sh**" i was walking with was. He seemed really angry. I told him it was my friend and he asked if we were dating. I replied "of course not. he's gay anyway!". He noticably relaxed and everything went back to normal.

Another time we were in class joking around and i said something along the lines of "yeah i know you hate me". It was all in joking manner, but he got really serious all of a sudden and asked me if i actually thought that, which of course i didn't.

Lastly for what im going to say on here, he also winks at me a lot.

Those were only a few examples i had! Im sorry if this is so long. Thank you to any one who replies.


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  • I don't see any mixed signals. He's not interested


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