Would you forget or remember this girl?

you went wih a girl on a date ot went by perfect, on the second date you wanted to have sex with her & you only made out and fooled around a little bit, but when you were about to do it she stopped you. What do u think of this girl? turn off? Will u forget her or remember her? what would be ur opinion on her?
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that girl was me, and i dont know what to do now becaue he hasn't texted me at all :/


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  • I'd remember her because as a guy I would've been so close to getting some. But stopping him when he was about to do it, could've given him the idea that you didn't really like him or he just thought you weren't ready. It depends on the guy, if he's determined then he'd remember you, if he rather not bother waiting and hook up with some hoe then 1 he is not worth it and 2 would be a bad boyfriend.


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  • Forget in a heartbeat.

    • why? :/

    • She wimped out. Replaceable.

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