If a guy liked a girl, and knew they weren't compatible, would he try to hide it?

I guess no one's going to achieve anything from a doomed relationship right
Do they have a soft spot for girls who hide their feelings?


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  • Short answer: Yes
    Long Answer: Ultimately yes, there are some things you just can't get over. I used to like a girl that was a hardcore feminist, she was pleasant to be around but I'm almost the closest thing to the opposite of a feminist you can get so there is no way once she found that out she'd want to even know me.
    I got over it though.

  • personally i'd give up... i see no point in a "doomed" relat.

    • No it's not like we're in one.

      I feel like we're just not compatible, he probably realizes it too. So maybe that's why he isn't really doing anything about it

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