Ended it with my friends with benefits , why does he seems without words?

A week prior I ended things with him through tect but he really begged to speak to me in person. This took me by surprise and made me want to think my decision over in regards to our friends with benefits relationship and he if I should end it. I told him to give me time to think stuff over to know if I actually want this carry this convo with him. Today I decided it is best for me to just end it. This is how the text went.

Me: I'm sticking to what I last suggested. I think it's best. (3:43pm)
Him: That's fine. (3:50pm)
Him: I figured (4:05 pm) (notice hr text min apart)
Me: How did you figure? (4:12pm)
Me: I'm looking at it as a whole. It's is whats best for you and me. (4:13pm)
Me: before things get dysfunctional. (4:16pm)


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  • Usually I'm strongly against breaking up in a text message. Someone who has invested time, emotion, resources in a relationship needs to hear face-to-face why you wish to end it.
    But you don't owe an friends with benefits anything more. Each of you is in it "at will" meaning either has the right to end the relationship "without cause."

    • He asked me what I'm doing tonight. I don't know how to respond

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    • Is this a sex gesture? Usually for me wyd is.

    • Yeah, he just wants sex.

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  • He's upset you ended things but who cares he's just your friends with benefits , no strings attached right


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