Guys, why would you try to make a girl jealous?

Would you try to make a girl jealous for no reason?
And if there was a reason, how would you respond if she was to get jealous?

My best friend was trying for hours to make me jealous on chat. After a bunch of attempts i just go " i dont care man".
and he says " yeah haha why would you care, im your best friend. You get jealous over your best friend"
and i said " well yeah if i felt like a girl was to threaten my position in your life or replace me, i'd be jealous"
and he then just says "hahahha wtf"

What does that even mean? why would you try so hard to make me jealous, then go "wtf" and stay quiet?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He just wanted to get a "I'm jealous" response. Much like the reasons why bullies bully people, to get a reaction out of them because they find it entertaining.
    I personally think he was just testing you. I think he was wondering how you'd respond and make you more clingy to him. I bet he was a bit confused and disappointed when you just didn't play that game and said "I don't care man". LOL


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  • he's trying to convince himself that u like him bc when in fact he actually likes you


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  • never

    i would never try to make a girl jealous, as i don't want any girl to make me feel jealous XD

  • Immaturity I suppose. I am too old for the crap.


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