If you stop wanting a guy, does that mean the guy stops wanting you?

Or that he's hurt you don't like him anymore?


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  • I'd be pretty hurt if my crush doesn't want me anymore

    • How can you tell that she doesn't want you?

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    • Kind of like doesn't really care whether you're there or not, or openly talks a lot with other guys, stuff like that?

    • Maybe sometimes. I know that when I'm talking to my friends, I don't give all of my attention to my crush. I look over sometimes, but I notice from the corner of my eye she looks over when I'm not looking

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  • I think if you stop wanting a guy, he will want you even more.

    Same goes for girls. Everyone wants what they can't have...

    • Do boys usually try to make a girl jealous then by behaving like they don't care

    • I think yes. However, it depends on the guy.

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  • I don't think it necessarily does. It could lead to wanting you even more or just not caring anymore at all


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