If you come really close to a guy and he doesn't look at you, why does he do that?

He looked really uncomfortable when I came up close to him, (it could be because I was glaring at him).

I couldn't help notice how tall he was, and seriously felt like reaching out and holding his hand.

Can you feel 'chemistry' like that? I mean would the guy know all the thoughts racing through a girl's mind.
I think I realize on some level that he likes me, and that scares me. So I'm always funny about it, but I don't think it's funny to him
I may have been playing somewhat of a prank on him.


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  • If he looked uncomfortable then he probably does like you cause he is nervous that you are there. I get nervous when Im around my crush and even when I think about her (Ik thats crazy). If you think he likes you and you like him I would ask him for his number so you guys can talk and maybe setup a date.


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  • I hate when you get close to a guy's face and they frown

    • lol he wasn't frowning... ah I'm tired of this person I think I need a new object to focus on

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  • because men are animals :)


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