What does it mean when I guy does this?

what does it mean when you're in a room with a guy, your girl bestfriend, and the guys sister and they're watching tv and eating and you already finished eating and so you're watchiing tv but you get kinda bored so you decide to get on your phone. After, five or more minutes the guy is like "damn your on your phone alot" so you stop using it. Then later on all of you are in the living room and after a while you get bored again so you decide to use your phone again and then the guy says "leave your phone alone" so you leave it alone then later on you use it again and after 2 or more minutes he takes away your phone then gives it back to you. Then in about 2 hours after just hanging out in the lving room with the guy and his sis and your girl bestfriend he asks for your phone number. you give it to him and he gives you his. What does this mean? could the taking away phone bc your "using it alot" and then asking your phone number mean he's interested in me romantically or?


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  • You're not giving him attention... That's the only thing I can think of, he could like you since he seems to want your attention because if I didn't like a girl, I could care less if she was on her phone


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  • My guy friends say this to me a lot, but they are just annoyed at me paying more attention to my phone then them.


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