A drunk guy told me he thinks I'm beautiful, can't stop thinking of me and likes me - is that at all genuine or booze talking?

He waited outside in the cold until I came out to tell me this, he stared me straight in the eye the whole time.. I told him that I was attracted back and he tried to kiss me but I said that I would prefer to talk to him sober. In the end, we did end up exchanging a kiss... He is the roommate of my friend. Next day, I messaged him on FB and thought I was giving him an out by asking how hungover he was - he joked back asking "hangover, what's that?" and proceeded to give me his number and we texted for a bit. In our texts, he started off by saying he was thinking of grabbing some food and asked me what I was up to. I'm boy dumb and have no idea of he was trying to ask me out but I already had plans. In his texts he did indicate that the night before was crazy and he didn't remember much? Then he mentions how he was to go star gazing later in the evening - so we set up a date to go star gazing but he bailed the last minute - I now don't know what to think? He hasn't text me since - but its only been a day.


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  • Yes, he was sloshed. Hello, booze.

    But afterwards he probably thinks you're not half bad, so why not?
    There are dates, and there are Dates. He's asking for a date, not a Date.

    Another words the path to him probably leads through the friendzone but won't end there if you two get on. No exciting crushes or bottled up feelings here. Just two adults having fun, plain and simple.

    • Thanks - I appreciate the comment. You're probably right and I think I knew that well before asking the question. It still is disappointing - like what person wouldn't want to believe that an attractive individual thinks they are attractive back and likes them right?

      Anyhow, lesson learned. Thanks.

    • Unless a guy is thinking with his nozzle, most guys are pretty chill about getting into relationships. You got to warm them up slowly and break some ice. If you just want some casual sex, well, that forum is the other topic but there are plenty of people who would cover that.

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