If a guy has a girlfriend but still tries to hang out with you?

If a guy has a girlfriend but always makes time to hang out with you and is super attentive what does that mean?


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  • that means he is willing to cheat on his gf obviously...

    • Could it mean that he actually cares about me? We have been friends for about 18 months but it seems his stepping it up a bit.

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  • It means that he thinks you lack enough self-respect and intelligence to be used as ego fuel. While it may mean that he’s a sleazy, untrustworthy, backstabbing cheater, it typically just means that he wants his ego stroked and he senses that you are lonely, desperate, and gullible enough to inflate his ego without him ever intending on making you the woman who has his heart.

    • Would he be like that to a close friend?

    • Uhmmm yes. Lol stop reducing yourself as a woman because he's giving you the time of day. At the end of the day, you are not his girlfriend. You are not the one he has verbally chosen to be exclusive with, you are not the one he is deciding to commit his energy to, and you are not the girl who has his heart. So cut out the whorish behavior where you let him make a fool out of you because you're so pathetically desperate for his attention. It's sad.

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  • That should set off a red flag for you


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