Can't tell if he sees me only as an eye candy?

So to cut it short I thought this guy at my gym had interest in me because I usually see him looking me "does it often", does it for a while, his friend/s looks at me too and usually is around me for at least a bit plus I did talk to him once technically and all I know is his name (it's been a while since I talked to him or did anything)

So today I went to gym and I noticed that's he's pretty popular among the ladies at least twice now"from what I seen" I've seen girls "not like a group but one person in a pair at least" talk to him
Later I moved to work on my shoulders and then I see him working over to the opposite side of me. We were facing diagonally so i decided to wave and he did too while drinking and after a bit he went away to do his legs at the squat area
I told my bro this but he said "yeahh but it's pretty rude if he didn't wave" and bro thinks he doesn't have interest since he hasn't talked to me yet despite I talked to him while my bro was at gym

Now I'm thinking to myself am I just a eye candy? Or you know that you're good looking and you expect me to talk to you? Should I stop with this guy? Keep going?

by the way I don't talk to anyone at gym other than my bro because I'm there to workout and such

I'm kinda conflicted and I don't know what to do
And no I don't not like this guy because of his looks and such stuff like that
What should I do?
And please don't comment saying "oh you like people for looks" etc it's pretty stupid and if he was an eye candy to me I wouldn't be saying this right now

But I don't know
What should I do?


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  • Is he just eye candy for you? Or is it just because he's popular with other girls? Im guessing you're not looking for ugly guys with good personalities.

    • Well I don't really talk to him but i would like to get to know him better
      Well I guess you can say that because I feel more conflicted now since I'm not the only one
      Depends on the guy
      He just sparks my interest because of the attention he give me which is a lot

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, you don't know him and he doesn't know you so I'd say that you're just attracted to each other in a physical way.
    Ask him out for a cup of coffee in order to get to know him better.

    • Yeah true that
      Yeah I guess I'll do when I have the balls

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  • Ever heard of a groupie?

    • uhh yes but don't know the meaning haha

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