Why do guys always need to bring up what kind of girl they are looking for?

So I have like a few guy friends and being the shy one I uselessly just listen to what they say let my opinion fall if it is necessary.
So I am chubby to be polite about it and for some reason they always have to bring it to my attention that the kind of girls they are interested in are stick figure with a bit of curves.

I have no romantic feeling towards any of them hence being friends for a few years now.

Why do you guys do that in the presence of other girls or some girls?


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  • well if you guys are friends, they assume they can treat you like a normal friend and talk about their desires with you. its not necessary a subtle hint to get you to exercise


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  • I don't, I find it unproductive and I don't see the point in mentioning what I want in a girl to my friends unless the conversation I am having with them specifically addresses it. Otherwise it comes off as complaining about something you can change if you have the courage. Just my two cents.

    • Change in what way?

    • Instead of constantly talking about the type of girl they want, they could go after the type of girl they want.

  • Something to talk about?


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