Avoidant guy came back?

I liked him - he was acting awkward when I talked to him
I felt like he didn't want to talk to me but I stared - he noticed me looking at him
I started seeing him everywhere - he was with his wingman about to ask for my number
I seen them and avoided that - he disappeared and I hadn't seen him for months
I finally see him monthsss later - he avoided me completely for months after that
I finally decided to leave him alone and move on - he came up to me out of nowhere.

He asked me like three questions out of the blue when the day before like many months before he avoided me (like go the other way when he seen me coming). Come to find out he already knew the answer to the questions he was asking because he corrected me. Which lead me to believe he wanted to just talk to me. I felt sad/shocked so I barely spoke. Why now?


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  • Maybe he missed you staring at him. And maybe he missed talking and running into you. I am pretty sure it must had been very random if you kept seeing him every where because that is not done on purpose. Maybe in his mind he thought you seeing him was done on purpose. When you completely avoided him he missed running into you so that is why I feel that he ran up to you and asked you those questions.

    • I guess I wasn't being clear. He was going out of his way to see me when I was running into him everywhere because it was my usual places that he started popping up at. I know that because once I avoided him the first time I guess he got offended and stopped trying to be around me and I didn't see him there again.

    • Oh I see. Thanks for summing it up. I still think he ask you those questions he knew the answer to because he wanted to try to talk to you and get your attention. And if he was going out of his way to run into you then he had to like you in some way. If I was a guy I wouldn't run out of my way to run into a girl if I didn't like her.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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