I am confused I NEED HELP?

I just recently started to notice about this guy from my school. He's really hot AF and cute at the same time. I followed him on instagram first and he followed back. Since then, I've been kidding around and commenting on his photos. Then, he started to notice me and comment on my instagram photos too, like the smiley faces and heart shaped eyes faces. Then, he followed me on my Twitter account first. I remember tweeting something moody and he DM me all of a sudden, considering the fact that we haven't talked to each other yet, it's quite weird and awkward. But anywayz, later on, he added me on snapchat and we started chatting there. And he says that I'm cute casually and he says that my hair is nice especially when I braid them. I don't know omg he's my eyecandy and I'm really shocked he noticed me omg does this mean anything? And soon after, we got each other's number and we started chatting on whatsapp. He asked me about my religion and common interests. He's a funny guy and I really like him. But, I got really scared as rumours about us started spreading, I'm scared he will feel uncomfortable. And when a friend of mine asked his classmate, he replied that nope, the guy doesn't like me. I have no idea how to react anymore. Please help.


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  • basically ignore the rumors, it's your own business and only what to do with this guy

    • Hello there, but do you think he has feelings for me? Should I continue knowing him or should I know my limits already?

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