Should we date our friends? -what to do when things get complicated?

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I was wondering if you guys can help me with this: So I’ve started dating a friend after we confessed what we felt for each other and we had sex. Everything was wonderful and we were really happy. He said he liked me a lot and we always were calling each other and writing each other things.
This morning we woke up and we has sex and everything was fine but after it was a bit cranky and stole the cover of him as a joke. He flipped and started to put his clothes on and getting ready to leave without saying a thing. I said it was a joke and that I was sorry but he left anyway.
I was super mad. So I said I was taking a shower and said bye. He left. I whatsapp him saying this was all like he waked up this morning and he didn’t wanted to be with me so he picked up a very stupid fight to have an excuse to leave. So I was hysterical, like I couldn’t understand why he would something like that so I said I couldn’t do this, that he was ruining it for me- He said he left because he felt unwelcomed. He said he fell like if I was trying to get him to fight for me- maybe I did because he was being so relaxed about the whole thing. He didn’t care.
It was all like if he was trying to blame shit on me. Like he said I was acting weird although I was cuddling with him and being nice and then on whastapp he said that once someone says its over, its over and that he couldn’t do this. And everyone knows that when people say its over during a fight its not over-they are just saying things because they are mad.
Was he trying to end things up and he picked up a fight? Or am I being irrational and should try to say I’m sorry?
If this is the case, should I go to this house at night to apologize?
Thanks for the help!
  • apologize- you've been mean!
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  • he is trying to pick up a fight
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