Guys: Do you refrain from contacting a girl you like in hopes that she will?

I stopped talking to this guy around the end of January. I had issues with him dating this girl; I liked him but couldn’t have him to my dismay because of family problems. And I had to stop contacting him because it was starting to get to me. I told him im moving on (from liking him) and he understood I guess... He was nice about it.

The point is he didn't seem to care too much back then. But as soon as I started talking to other guys, he'd obviously get jealous and such. This was also the time he split with the girl. At a school dance I danced with a friend of mine and he got jealous and practically asked his date to make me jealous -_- . She knows I can't stand her...

We don’t text anymore but whenever I see him, he tries to impress me and his behavior just changes. So, why doesn't he just contact/ text me if he likes me? Is he waiting for me to text him first?

He's 18 im 17 if that helps.


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  • Two possible reasons

    1. He probably felt that you have moved on from him. If a guy feels that a girl has moved on or is showing him signs of being uninterested, then the guy is less likely to approach her probably due to the fear of rejection. Giving him signs that says your interested in him, will definitely make him approach.

    2. Pride. Some people hate to admit when they made a mistake or were wrong. Him admitting his feelings for you after you have told him that you're moving on, will be him admitting to himself that he was wrong for not dating you when he had the chance.

    • Probably both. I stayed because I cared and I think he realizes that now 😟

      Thank you :)

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  • I did that once. Still haven't heard from her. XD

    • So were you waiting on her to contact you?

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