Crushes friends seem to bloke me out? eh?

iv noticed latley that some of the friends of my crush have been acting differently around him when i am around, before 2 or 3 if them would slightly tease him
Then the others now seem to block him
Away from me it seems. For example i would be in the corridor then my crush comes along then stands near or in front of me, then his friend would come up and block him from me and it looks like they do it on purpose. Cause I can kinda tell on his face when they do this he looks a bit annoyed, his friends would look round at me when i try to position myself towards him but they still try to block me out. When they are not around he tries to get near me more, so do they hate me or something cause its confusing


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  • It's called cock-blocking or snubbing.
    It shows they don't like you for whatever reason and preventing or protecting the guy from getting with you.

    I don't know the situation in full to give you an accurate answer.


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