I need help!! I like this guy a lot but I think he's ignoring me?

A couple of months ago i saw a security guard in the shopping center next to my house he works there everyday and once i noticed him i can't stop thinking about him i make all the excuses to go there and sometimes i get a bit creepy cause im everywhere he is and i think he noticed im after him because we used to make a lot of eye contact.
Now since 2 days he's been ignoring me for no reason and trying to avoid me.. Did i did something wrong? Should i step back? I can't get him off my mind :(
Ps- all i talked to him was ''hey how are you'' and '' where is the shoes floor'' and now i think he's sick of me i stopped saying hello


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  • I think you're misinterpreting his behaviour, his behaviour probably has nothing to do with you and you might be over thinking it because you are so attentive to him, but I doubt he sees you as anything other than a customer, like all the others he would see. Don't worry bout it.


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