Guys what do u think?

Guys do u think it's ever okay to put ur hands aggressive on a woman? My boyfriend when he's drunk will grab anything, especally me and throw it against the wall, table, headboard, or grab a kitchen knife and threaten me with it. I'm I understand why he does it and let it go when he's drunk, but the problem is he's now doing it when he's not drunk.


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What Guys Said 1

  • It is never ever acceptable. Under any circumstance. Hr needs to respect and value you much more than he is by treating you like that

    • He* sorry about the typo

    • you might need to call the cops if it happens again

    • He threw my brand new IPhone 6 against the wall last night when I tried to call the cops

What Girls Said 1

  • Never acceptable. This is abusive behaviour and you should get out while you still can.


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