Would you go on a date with your sister if you were bored?

Like, you have nothing else to do, you can't find someone you aren't related to, and role-playing dating with your sister sounds like a good evening.
For example, you might want to go dancing.
Ok, here's the point of this question: if no one is ok with being "just friends" with their sister, then why do you think you could be that way with some girl you don't know?


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  • Uh.. that's weird...

    My brother and I go out to movies or dinner or whatever sometimes and we call them "brother sister dates", but it's not "role-playing dating", it's going out as brother and sister and acting like brother and sister. Calling it a "brother sister date" is just a cute/joking way of labeling spending time together as a way of staying close with one another..

    • Ok, so your answer is you literally do exactly what I'm saying. But it's still weird to ask the question?

    • I said "role playing dating" your sister would be weird.. because, I assumed that what you meant by that was to go on a date with your sister and pretend one another were actual dates, not your sibling. That would be fucking weird.

    • Lolz. Ok. I see what you mean. Dating would be pointless, obviously, since you already know your brother.

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  • Maybe if she was like you're baby sister and she's like 6 or 7. Then sure, take her out for some ice cream and a walk in the park. Other than that it just sounds wrong.


What Guys Said 2

  • i don't have a sister, but if i had definetely not... that would be ultra-creepy in my opinion

  • Nope! That sounds really sick. I would have gone out with my sister as siblings, but NEVER date. This is a hypothetical situation though, because I don't have any sisters.

    • Dude, I'm asking the question because I don't have a sister and want to know what it's like. How can you know what is sick if I don't?

    • I'm just giving my opinion to a question asked on a public forum, considering a hypothetical scenario. For ME, it sounds sick. And that's just MY opinion. If you feel differently, then its YOUR opinion. Nothing's right or wrong here, I suppose.

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