Does he want to have sex with me?

I have liked this guy for a long time and he likes me but we haven't said it yet. He is shy, respectful, sweet, and I'm really attracted to him. He has never had a girlfriend so he's a bit awkward and has never even initiated a hug! But at the end of the day he's still a guy. Does he secretly want to kiss me/touch me/have sex with me?
By the way, we are both 18.
We have been friends for about a year but recently we have gotten closer.


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  • I'd say he does. He's probably thought of it a few times by now. Now my question. Do you?

    • Haha I do but I'm not ready for that.

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  • With him still being a little awkward and your wanting to have sex with him it's up to you to make the first move Start talking to him as a friend and very lightly talk about sexual thing's if he likes that you will know by his eyes and behavior

    • I'm not ready for sex yet but I would love to kiss and make out with him.

    • Ok give him a friendly kiss I mean just a smack on the lips with yours if he likes it you and he will know

  • i guess he does... but he's shy to ask for it :-)


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