Guy friend gone distant why?

Why would a guy who I work with go distant with me for no reason at all?

We are really good friends and have such great banter and fun, we are so alike in loads of ways etc we both have partners but he very up & down with his gf and recently I had problem with my bf

Up until about 2vweeks ago things were great more than fine, he would love me to greet him morning, go say hi, take real interest in me my life etc, he was only like this with me really, he compliments me on so many things and loves to tease, any excuse to talk non shop he would...

He was very flirty sometimes and very happy to always see me, lots of things have been said about us as how close we are etc but we just ignored them.

But then he said I was being moody one day and would not stop as I was quieter than normal this was due to my bf issues, I texted saying stop going on and being weird as had started being off then he told me not to text him stuff like that, I apologised but the next day he was fine with me but seemed abit aqward round me.

But since then out of the office he is old self, flirty banter touching me loads and we even lunched one day but when am near him in office he ignores me, treats others around us with more respect, and only talks if I go up to him even then sometimes he blunt and won't tell me nothing now bout weekend nothing, but yet wants to know if I made up with my bf at weekend and teases saying am no longer his favourite but smirks.

I asked him but he says he fine just careful as not too talk to much as managers watch but yet fine to talk to others, I feel so upset and confused but can't get a moment alone to ask him, he don't even move to go lunch he just sits there looking moody and going on bout must book holiday for him n his gf,

Why would a guy change like this but mainly to me what would make them do that?
Can anyone offer an opinion
Tbf he did ask me this afternoon what I been up to and remembered what I do on Wednesday evenings saying get u going gym as I always do and asking if my bf had got me chocolates to say sorry for upsetting me as I told him wanted but he hadn't, and I said got me clothes he very pushy on what he got extacly


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  • just summarize whole thing in two lines if u want opinions from people, people dont read so long desriptions


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  • Well starting off, you guys are both in a relationship so no matter what, he has to stay committed to his gf... If he really doesn't want her around, he would break it off.

    He probably became distant since he might have felt more emotionally invested in you than his gf and did not want to create any problems (such as falling for you)

    Im not him so I am just assuming... Id say to give him some space and when his mind will be clear he will surely be back. If not then its his loss, you did your best by asking him.

    • Could this b reason y he acting way he is, as I said why no banter or compliments he goes not allowed now, and looks so down but I don't know his gf at all, but he suddenly talking loads bout her when before confiding in me bout her etc, I have backed off bit but upset me lots, as done so much as friend to him

      But he asked me lots today bout me n my bf as had big falling out n said did u make it up when did u allow him home very interested

    • I know its hard and upsetting, but you've got to give him space. Now he may ask these questions just to be a bit friendly.

      But then again, he doesn't know what he wants and by giving in every time he seems positive, you are playing his game.

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