How to not seem stuck up?

I get this all the time "you just seemed stuck up"

Y'all I'm a really nice person and love helping whenever I can!

Is it because I love trying out different hobbies? Is it because I dress weird or look weird? I really don't want my crush to think I'm stuck up :(


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  • then ignore those people who tell you this... it's nosense ;-)


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  • My younger brother used to get this all the time, my older brother and can and do talk to anyone. Our teachers and others remember us from grade school and Jr. Hi, so along comes younger Bro who is was so quiet you almost had to poke him with a sharp stick to get him to say anything. Then when he did it was usually only one or two word answers. Once he warmed up to a person he would sort of talk to them. Everyone but his friends believed him to be stuck up! I used to hear things like "your little brother is a real cutie but he's stuck on himself". I'd try to tell them that no he's just really shy and quiet. They'd always come back that he was really stuck up. We (older Bro and I) had to drag him aside many times to tell him to knock it off and talk to people, they think you don't like them because you're stuck up. I don't know if we finally got the message through to him like on the millionth time, but he must have decided he needed to say something. He just started talking to people. Maybe he sorta grew out of his shyness. He's now one of the really nice (not because he's my brother either) more popular guys in High School. As a Sophomore he runs in social circles with Jr. s and Sr. s.

    Point of this wordy answer is that if you don't want people to think you're stuck up you need to talk and interact with girls and guys. Be the one to start a conversation. Listen to what people are talking about most of the time, if you're comfortable bringing up a conversation start off with something they've talked about before. Once you start including yourself in the conversations they will include you too.

    A lot of people don't realize that people think they're stuck up, they just think "I'm quiet, or I don't have anything to say..." I remember one time we talked to my younger Bro., he was totally like I can't believe people think I'm stuck up! He was almost to the point of arguing the point with us, "No Dude, they think you are, pull your head out of your ass and talk!"


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