Mostly to guys: I am in a huge dilemma and I dont know what to do?

since 9 grade in public school i have been bullied because i never have been partying, never had a girlfriend and for being skiny. since that time i played video games more and more (mostly league of legends) and after 2 years i have finally joined the Team Dignitas EU and i am so proud. but no one knows not even my family. i am 17 and a sophmore and i have pretty much not done anything than playing league of legends and making homework. i still talks with my class but they barely know me and they are getting curios. but i just can't tell them. the girls is still teasing me for being thin and for being single. i just to wish to leave it all. all the preasue and reach to LCS. i will be going to my team in the holidays while my friends is partying and they have even aksed me to join but i just can't because i am so nervous about it. so i will ofc be going to my team instead. i will soon quite my gymnasium for my team but do i have to tell my family and friends what i have felt? the only thing that is keeping me in good mood is league of legends...


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  • Why do you even care what others think? You're just about out of high school F these guys, do you! Be you and let the others be themselves, go on to college and study computers make a million and leave those idiots behind.


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