When should I call him?

So my guy friend who I have been hanging out with alone, both times it kind of felt like a date, I talked to him the other day we were going to meet up again at some point but didn't set a time, I asked him on fb if he wanted to meet up that Friday and he said maybe but he might have plans, two days later I didn't hear anything so I called him Thursday night, got his VM, he didn't return my call, I messaged him Friday morning and he replied and said that he couldn't that night but didn't suggest another day... I don't get it, he sounded really nervous on the phone, and he acts nervous around me when we hang out and he flirts a lot, I think he likes me as do other people but I'm having anxiety issues... I haven't been in a relationship before so really new to this, was going to wait a few days and call him again, but when should I call him?


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  • Call him next day


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