Did I surprise the jerk?

So I know this guy who has more 'status' than I do, as in he thinks he's so much smarter than me. He used to ignore me a lot.

When I saw him from afar the other day, I barely had a reaction, (I was sitting and talking to another guy who I also didn't care much for, but it may have appeared we were friends to an onlooker).

When he walked by me on purpose, I got this, 'what the hell,' look, and just continued talking as though I hadn't noticed him. He walked away with his eyes on the ground.

Was he surprised I ignored him? I have a feeling he expected me to be like, 'wow, this God's gift to women is walking by me, let's get super excited and giggle.'

He kept trying to refresh his Facebook page in hopes I'd message him or something later that day when I came online. I felt like throwing something at him.
Does he actually like me or just assumes every girl likes him and is surprised I don't?


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  • Wait I'm so confused does he like you? Or like a love hate kinda thing?

    • I have no idea; I think he just wants my attention all the more because I'm not giving him any

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    • Great lol, what do I do? He likes the other girl too, that makes the difference

    • In my experience you just have to wait till they break up. I hate waiting but eventually it will happen. Besides waiting you also have to become that guys friend while they are going out because when they break up you need to be there to support him and show him you care and that will show him that you're not so bad after all

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