How to get over a guy who you never dated but you liked?

So my friends kept teasing me and saying: "Ooooo we talked to your crush!" When they never really did besides today and they just told me he said "ew no I dont like her.. Sorry." And then they didn't want to tell me that he said that because they were afraid it would"hurt my feelings" and I don't know I just feel like a idiot since I told him I liked him in November and still have been flirting with him scince then. And I just feel so stupid and embarresed! So do you guys know how I could get over him? Any tips? Thoughts?


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  • Don't worry, time will take care of it. Just continue your life, get to know new boys, sooner or later you'll get over him.


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  • Best way to get over a guy is to focus more on yourself. I know it's cliche but a woman said to me once " you think you're missing out on a relationship with him, when it's him that's missing out on a relationship with you. " and it hit me. Remember how awesome you are and focus on other things that make you happy, even small things. In doing that you may meet someone else that enjoys what you like to do and has a crush on you just the way you are. :) hope that helped lol

    • It really did actually lol thank you! I just get so jealous because all my friends have boyfriends and I've never had one before:/ so I feel like something's wrong with me or i don't even know anymore lol

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    • Lol😂😂😂 thank you!

    • Hahah no problem

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  • When I was your age.. actually 12 all the way to 16, I was sooo hot for this guy. I thought I'd never ever ever get over him.
    I still know him, he's still alrigjt. But sooner or later you'll realize he's not all you imagine him to be.
    And you told him your feelings, they aren't the same from him.
    But whatever. He's gonna overreact because he's young and embarrassed to like that.
    Just realize he's a guy. You'll meet a whole lot. of. other guys :)

  • How to get over a crush? Find another one


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