Why am I so ignored?

I'm really mixed up. I've been told I am drop-dead gorgeous, beautiful, pretty etc. I feel invisible and alone. I don't feel like I get male attention or they look at me in that way like they look at other girls. I mostly notice guys sneaking looks or quickly looking away when I catch them. I also notice when I am vulnerable I get guys really staring me down, yet when I feel happy and have my chin up they avoid me... I don't think I am crazy hot, yet I get people telling me I am beautiful. I'm not a perfect 10. I know I have an attitude problem sometimes, but so do a lot of other girls and they still get attention.
I just wish I had that effect on guys like a hottie does. I notice some of the other girls that have these effects are not much better than me or don't have anything I am missing. I am slim yet curvy and have great hair and skin.
I'm wondering what I can do to accept myself. I wish people would stop telling me I'm so beautiful because this confuses me even more. I don't understand, if guys are intimidated or if it's just me.


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  • If you really are that good looking, then you likely are very intimidating. Guy tend to overthink things just as badly as women do.

    Anyone who looks as good as you must already have a boyfriend so there is no point in introducing myself to you.

    Herbie Hancock and John Mayer collaborated on a song whose lyrics (possibly) describe you.
    The name of the song is "Stitched Up", here is an excerpt.

    I wonder where she came from
    I wonder where she's gotta go
    Who's to say she's single and who's to say she's on her own?
    Girls like that don't sleep alone

    Ah, here's a thing, here's a thing

    That girl is flawless
    And I know I'm not the first one to think that
    And since I'm not the first, I sure won't be the last
    Spend my whole life lookin' behind my back
    I just don't think I'm up to that

    Your beauty is a barrier to meeting you. You may have to pursue any man you're interested in.

    • I am not pumping myself up though :-P. I just said I am not a perfect 10. But others have told me I was beautiful, gorgeous or whatever and not just to make me feel better because I don't expose my insecurities to other. I project a strong fake confidence but it's not real. Just clearing that up, I am not pumping myself up.

    • You don't need to be a perfect 10 (pro tip: there aren't any perfect 10's) to be perceived as unattainable.

      Other girls are putting out signals that they are accessible. I suspect that you are not doing this. I suspect that the confidence you are putting out there is saying "I have no need of you." "Move along, I'm out of your league."

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  • i think that Americans are nasty that way. they hate beauty. but then when they see someone trash they want them. maybe try to look little bit revealing and see what happens. I really hate all American guys who are chasing their success and money ignoring everything that is attracting them. it's contradictory. they want money to become beauty and yet they ignore all the beauty around. all they think is convert some ugly into beauty and they are sticky and nasty fucking man bitches.

    • I agree with this 100 %

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  • just be yourself, if you are not confident then don't pretend to be. i know what you are going through, i was just like you, well without the good looking part lol, just be yourself, people can tell when someone is being something they are not.

    you sound like a nice person, you just need to trust in yourself that you are beautiful as a person

  • Post a picture so the world can see your beauty but if you're talking about in person then mSybe guys are intimidated by you... Some ladies have that affect on guys. Sometimes we might assume there's no way she'd give me the time of day.. If that's the case than be patient and someone will man up an approach you. just watch and see

    • please stop with the picture bs. This isn't a beauty pageant for me to prove my beauty. I am just telling you my situation and what people have told me and for your help on that. This is what other people have told me.

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    • wasn't arguing I just knew a bunch of people would write "post a pic." No hard feelings I appreciate your advice though.

    • Here's some insight... I don't really care if you post your pic or not I honestly was just curious as to what you looked like because you kind of pump yourself up when you explained the details on this post..., I'm already chasing a girl down on here but I'm just being patient about it... I'm not bout to go bananas over you I wouldn't care how pretty you were.. I just suggested you probsbly intimidate some guys and probably only why they get quick peaks that you and then turn away really fast. That's what I do when I see a girl I think is outta my league. Anyway though good luck svjng your issue and no hard feelings

  • My mom tells me I'm handsome too, doesn't mean I am.

    • She should stop telling you you're funny too because for some reason you believed that one

    • No, she never says that.

    • okay well then make your mommy issues in a separate post you failed goodbye!

  • Why do you want that attention (aside from what you've written here). What's the real reason, basically?

    • because sadly male attention confirms you are beautiful. Not the skimpy clothes kind, but the kind where you're face is beautiful and they notice that.

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    • Because beauty is important, we are just animals remember that. Beauty and status in all aspects is important to me. Don't care how shallow that sounds. I need to be a perfect princess :)

    • You're not getting what I'm trying to get at, you're hopeless

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  • No one cares how hot you are. Talk to some people and make some friends. Don't wait for people to go up to you and tell you they are your new BFF.


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