Is He Keeping Tabs On Me?

So this guy hadn't been on whatsapp for one week, and suddenly I started using it, and he started coming on everyday and coming on and staying on a minute at the most, sometimes I would be on at the same time, he would go off after a minute, I would stay on then I would see him come back on after 5-10 mins later, again only coming on for a minute, sometimes less, We hadn't spoken for 2 weeks as he had asked for space, so I left him too it, then out of the blue he messages me how are you? I changed my profile picture tonight to a new photo of me, he then changes his profile picture of a picture of him, he told me he didn't like taking pictures of himself, but suddenly he uploads a new profile picture when I upload a new one of me. Why Is he acting like this? Did he message me cause he wants to get back with me? Why would he change his picture more or less straight after me? Why does he keep going on? He rarely used the app before. Is this normal behaviour for a guy?


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  • Don't you have better things to do, than partake in this teenage drama messenger bullshit?

    I mean COME ON, you're actually putting merit into how many times you've seen him on that app. Sounds more like YOU'RE keeping tabs on him, because you have too much time on your hands looking at a phone screen with his chat bubble open.

    To ponder over why some guy changed his profile pic is something I would expect from a 12 year old girl. What's even more absurd is your assertion that it's a sign of him wanting to get back with you.

    You're not in high school anymore, love.

    • There no need to be nasty about it

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    • That's what I just finished saying

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  • If he wants u back yes
    U try messaging him back to see what he wanted further info might help

    • So does it sounds like he might be regretting his decision about asking for space, and might have changed his mind about me?

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    • And what about the photo changing it after I change mine?

    • Mm that could be to get ur attention , because that's what ur picture did to him. When u like some one or feel close to them people tend to mimic what that other person is doing but its often subconsciously done. So if that was the case he probably did it without thinking but not without reason

  • Sorry, but MaskedSanity is right... how old are you?

    Thanks for the giggle though :)


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