Is he flirting or just being nice?

Okay so he's a singer. When I first met him he sang to me pointed at me whatever, when I saw him after the show, he stopped taking pictures with the other girls he was with stood up and we stared at each other (for a good 30 seconds) way over normal and he stumbled his words to say ' I remember you, you were amazing' . then next few shows he's always looking at me, making eye contact with me... chatting me up after shows making sure I know he saw me.. what row I was in etc. When we hug he rubs his hands up my back and pulled me in close and leaned his head on mine. He does most of the talking when I see him. Can't tell if he's just being nice? Or is he flirting?


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  • It's sounds more like flirting to me... considering the fact that he notices you every time you're around.


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