What is up with this guy an how can I make him relax around me?

So i am shy but if a guy is too, then it makes me nervous around them even more.

I've liked a guy a few weeks now, he is cute but is so shy around me. I catch him staring from a far whenever i walk past an if i enter his store he watches me enter an i feel his eyes on me as i walk to get an item.

Then at counter he will not look me in the eye, he avoids it when we are. close up. An he looks shaky a i was in queue an he was serving customers.

One time he said hello you alright i didn't respond as i got awkward and now he doesn't make. convo since. My fault i know. I feel a vibe when i am around him.

Keep thinking do i like him or does he just make me. feel on edge due to his shy nature.

I have always gone for. cocky guys who are. too forward an selfish. One shy guy i dated years ago was a great bf once we bbroke the ice.

Do guys really get shy around someone they may like. In past many guys have
Said to me smile as i am iintimidating apparently cus i have. Straight face a lot of the time.

Its a defense mechanism but i know it makes guys scared of me :( help


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