I messed up with my dream guy, it's killing me =( Please help?

I finally met my crush properly last week and things went so good. It was brief, but he said I was really cute and then added me on FB later. Anyway then he asked if I wanted to hang out and I said I really wanted to, but I couldn't and explained that I wouldn't have a way of getting home afterwards cause the last bus to my house stops running soon. The convo ended soon after, then I saw him a few days later and he didn't seem as friendly then. I said I was sorry again and he said it was okay, but he seemed a bit weird still. And now he's not talking to me and I won't get to see him for a long time cause he's working far away for a few months. How can I recover from this and show him I really care? Please help, it's killing me =(


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  • Try to be in connection as much as possible atlesst in phone or internet.


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  • what was his expectation? stay over night that day? if so, it's one night stand. that's not a dream guy.

    • I don't know to be honest. We didn't talk about anything sexual, sounded just friendly, but who knows? I've just liked him for so long now, it's hard :/

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