Guys if a girl you were seeing just wanted to cuddle and mess around physically and not talk much, would you feel like she doesn't like you?

We hung out a few months before we started dating so it's not lke we dont know each other.

I know him enough to know I lke him and so I don't really need to get to know him more to be comfortable messing around.( NOT SEX. I won't have sex until we are completely comfortable like after wre fully talking regular?

And it's not that I dont ever want to talk but for some reason I just like getting comfortable physically first. And it's just simpler for me to get to know someone if i focus on talking OR touching. I don't like both.

And I've never liked anyone before talking is more distracting and makes me feel more vulnerable I just like touching bc it feels good and I still connect on another level but not really putting myself out there.

Ideally we could hang out a month or so a lot of touching and silence then if it's feeling ok we can get to know each other more... With talking.

I guess it's the opposite for aot of people who like to start with talking then sex. So it's not very strange I prefer one thing over the other- it's just uncommon as to which.

He sees dating as a way to get to know each other and talking is a big deal to him. He thinks I don't talk bc I don't like him. I don't want to touch over talking bc I don't like him. I wouldn't want to Touch him If i didn't like him.

I also don't want to talk to him about all this.

Is it that were just not compatible or is there a way I can just coast with touching until I'm comfortable talking, without him feeling unliked?

I don't want advice on how to open up more. I'm a closed person I'll open up over time. I just want to know how to not have him think I don't like him meanwhile.
So talking isn't crucial - as an indication she likes you- if there's a lot of cuddling going on?


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  • I'm sort of like you. I don't like talking much. If she wanted to talk to me, i would be fine with just listening. But i find it a lot harder to express my emotions with words. It comes more naturally to me to just hold her and show her how i feel about her. I like to say "i love you" a lot, but otherwise i would rather just not talk.


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  • I would actually feel as though the girl liked me more because then I could hopefully guess she didn't want to be with me only for sex, but for the company, something that I value a lot more than the sexual relationship.
    I also like cuddeling a lot more than the actuall sex so that's also a reason as to why I answer like that.

  • I'd be more inclined to trust physical contact than talking. People can say whatever the hell they want but girls don't just touch or have sex with a guy for no reason in my opinion. :(

    It's interesting how girls want to trust a guy to get physical.
    While physical affection makes me (most guys?) trust a girl.

  • if she wanted to cuddle that means she ould like me somehow ;-)


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  • Maybe she is not a talker


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