Guys: What would you tell your regular hookup if you're going away on vacation for say a month?

Would you assume things will be picked up where they're left when you get back? Would you say anything about it besides just saying you're going away for a few weeks?


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  • It depends on where we are at... if we have been together for a long period then it would be safe to assume that we would get back together when I got back. I would definitely express this!

    If we had only been dating a week or two, then I would sit down and ask her what she wanted to do. If we thought it is worth while then I would abstain from being with anyone else during the vacation.

    if she said she though we should see other people then most likely that would kill it for me and I would go on vacation and not bother trying to get back together afterwards.


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  • Just say going away for a while


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  • This is pathetic. You can't handle human relations on this level?

    • Sorry no. Please enlighten me.

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    • Your help has been received. Thank you.

    • I wasn't talking to you weird bitch, lmao

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